THINK! It is difficult; I know, however, this is how we are going to evolve our global culture and build a better world for all life on Earth. Taking time to gain perspective and understand where we are in the universe and thinking at differing scales, from looking at what we are starting to learn about the universe around us through our explorations in outer space to the latest digitally assisted microscopes that are allowing us to see at a micro-scale never before available to the human eye.

You are in Heaven. It is up to you to make it paradise. You can accept things as they are, let them become hell, or take control of your life and build your dreams. Starting in 2001, I have been writing this book as an ongoing vision for my life and the one I would like to create. As an evolving construct and framework for a potential plan to shift our global culture to bring humanity to a level one civilization. One that recognizes its potential and that of the other life forms on this planet. To function on a level beyond subsistence and conflict. One truly focused on learning the knowledge that allows us to understand and transcend our existence with greater insights into the potential of life in our universe. We have so much potential, and we have only touched the surface, gathering some valuable information. Accumulated voluminous data on the Internet of Things, much of it false or irrelevant and clouded by our own misperceptions. It is our ability to learn and filter this information, so it is useful becoming knowledge. Hopefully, we will learn and act with united determination to build a better world for all life on this planet and reach beyond our solar system.

I hope humanity will have the wisdom to share its knowledge for free and start the evolution of our global culture into a first-level civilization. We have and will continue to discover as we drive our human family to transform our culture. To learn with a passion and build a better world. There will be resistance to change and even to the recognition of the critical issues that face humanity. Once we, the people of this world, take time to explore our worlds, we each build one, like a bubble, a series of multiverses that we feel we can control. As we appreciate, nurture, advance, and enjoy life on this planet to the extent that we are ready to expand that bubble and explore, we will be able to reach beyond the barriers that limit our progress as human beings.

Everyone should have the opportunity to know Health, be educated, and be an engaged partner in our human family. To understand the value of our supportive environment and build a business built upon our passions to bring joy to ourselves and all life on earth.

FUND YOUR FUTURE as an INVESTMENT FOR HUMANITY. It is the first step to evolving paradise! You must invest in yourself, for you are the most critical being that will make a difference in our world. It is up to you to take that first step in life's journey. You will fail, and at times you will succeed beyond your greatest dreams, but in each case, it is because you took that initial step to live.

THINK of the possibilities if humans decide to work together to build a better life for everyone they love. We are over 8 billion people on earth, and if just one billion decide to build a better world, imagine the transformation of our culture and this planet.

Decide today to make a positive difference in our global culture and the lives of those you love! For we are all part of this wonderful human family and can build a better life for all life on this earth. This may seem too big a task for you; however, I assure you it is not. Start where you are and share what you are doing. Positive actions have a ripple effect on others as humans tend to follow others to feel that they are part of the tribe when in reality, they are already part of the tribe, the human tribe.

If we do not start, we may become stuck in where we are today, though that is not even guaranteed as our world is in constant flow, and if we do not shape our world, someone else may choose to. This may be positive or negative depending on your perception and mostly based on your knowledge or willingness to understand the world around you. I am sure you can think of one thing you can do today to improve your life. Almost more importantly, you can think of something that can help someone else and spark joy in their hearts.

There are no enemies, just family. Remember, you are part of the human family.

Think of what you need to do to evolve your own facet of paradise. You are in the heavens. You just need to realize it. Listen to your heart and create the path to paradise. It's up to you!

Yes, still writing, I started it in 2001, and hopefully, I can finish up soon… the title is evolving paradise. Hopefully, these writings will lead to a movie and TV show on how we can make our planet a true living paradise. This is an example of the universe we are just starting to truly explore. Take your next step and start to build a better world around you and reach out beyond your personal world and engage with others so that together we can do more for those we care about.

Humanity has so much potential, and in many ways, our world is already such a wonderful planet. I hope this book helps humanity see what it could become and motivate people to evolve into human beings and work more collaboratively to build a better life for all life on this earth. Hopefully, we will take the next step in our journey through the heavens and start to understand our universe.

There are so many wonderful human beings on the planet. We just need to get together and start working collaboratively on building paradise. This will take a common sense perspective of what is needed and how it can be accomplished. As has been said before, the one thing people need and don't seem to have enough of is "common sense," as it is just not that common. Let us evolve. The solution to this is it takes thought, maybe even a dream or a vision for a better life. Think of one thing you can do today. However, getting people to THINK is the challenge because it is harder than just responding to others with our habitual reactions or preconceived tribal repetitive behaviors. Think of what you are doing now and ask yourself am I doing something that makes a positive difference in my life? Realize that you can make a difference and act to do something positive today. Even a small thing will make a difference, and do it every time you can so that it becomes a habit.

To think about a topic and find a solution for those things that we find annoying or distasteful takes concentration and determination. It is much easier to just ignore it or deflect the problem onto someone else via blame. Habits and conformity also contribute to a lack of movement on critical issues. A great book about our aversion to thinking is Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It is amazing how humans are programmed to survive and not necessarily to thrive.

It takes determination to motivate ourselves to move, to make a difference, to take action to get over the force that keeps us where we feel safe. However, it is not safe to be locked in one place, for that is when we become apathetic and can atrophy our ability to move and experience the wonders that life has to offer. Willpower is what is often missing in this fairly comfortable world we live in or within, as we each create these bubbles of existence with layers of limiting protections. Often, when directly confronted with an issue, we respond rather than think through a solution. Often kicking it down the road for someone else to deal with. Unfortunately, it may be too late to be effective, or it will take an even bigger effort to find a solution. So, we each must take responsibility for our lives and act each day as if our lives depended upon those actions. It does depend upon our actions to truly live up to our potential. We will not feel like it every day, and it is good to take a break once in a while to recharge, relax and appreciate life.

The idea of Global Warming has been around for a long time, and yet we still have not addressed many of the causes, and most of the global population is ignorant of its impact or is in denial of the issue and its potential impact on our lives. More are becoming aware as it has started to have major impacts on a global scale and is affecting more and more of our planet. They also do not have the knowledge to address the issue even when they start to comprehend that the problem exists, and they are less likely to learn until it affects them directly. This is why it is so important to have a trusted source of knowledge. Information is not knowledge, and we are overloaded with information in today's data-centric world. Knowledge is available if you look for it; however, as we are human, we tend not to look until it impacts our lives. This is too late, and we must help those around us clearly understand not only the joy of life, but the threat that not understanding it can be a danger. It is like not understanding what we should eat to remain healthy or that we should not play with fire but respect both its power and its usefulness. These may seem elemental; however, many lack these simple, common-sense understandings.

If we think pragmatically about our physical environment and work to improve every aspect to a level of lasting quality, we will have improved one facet of our lives. As our environment is what supports all life, you would think it would be a high priority for most people. We must think with a vision for the potential to be impacted by what surrounds us to be able to comprehend that potential threat and appreciate the nurturing impact it can have upon our lives. The elements of earth, water, fire, energy, and knowledge are incredibly powerful when utilized to build a sustainable life as we produce food to nourish our bodies and knowledge to nourish our minds. Build shelter where needed to protect ourselves and our family from the elements, as well as allow ourselves to appreciate the sheer beauty of nature. The structure of a leaf, the earth mound that a worm creates as it enriches our soil, and the enormous bacterial nutrient web that runs throughout the soils on Earth each contribute to the life force of our planet.